Nie przegap najlepszych ofert pracy! Aby mieć dostęp do TAJNYCH ofert i przydatnych funkcji, ZAREJESTRUJ SIȨ

Zapraszamy Panie z Polski i nie tylko ...

we are busy team in Milton keynes Newport Pagnel area .

This city is very busy with a lot of buisnessmen . Great place for escort girls and just for tantric massage .

You choose what service you offer . 

Also you can work 50/50 and dont worry about anything or you can work independent . 

This is two bedroom apartment so you have your own room and you can stay over .. Minimum tour 7 days ... maximum you can satay as much you like.

Working from 10am till 10pm 

if you are nice person with sexy body and know how to make guys horny then this job is for you .

Apply today .. send .. 3 acyualy photos 

face photo , body photo in underwar and normal selfie 

age , nationality, experience ( we dont expect )

service and date you looking for start ..