Nie przegap najlepszych ofert pracy! Aby mieć dostęp do TAJNYCH ofert i przydatnych funkcji, ZAREJESTRUJ SIȨ
Hello there ! I offer professional receptionist service - taking bookings, plan daily schedule as well as I can help with adverts and open aw profile without the reception service. 
I have also verified aw profile for rent with lots of feedbacks.
 I'm looking for to work with independent girls, seeking a peace of mind, work in normal, friendly atmosphere and of course make money :)I am very experienced, I live permanently in the UK, I speak fluent English and Polish and i'm in this business good few years now I have quite large base of clients in certain locations. I'm flexible, patient, I have no interest in any dramas or conflicts, I am just normal, helpful girl and I'm sure we can get along very well :)
Please do not ask me how much you can earn as I am not able to promise you anything. Every day and location is different. I can only guarantee you doing my job properly and basically don't play around as if you do not make money I don't make any either - that's quite obvious I think :)
If you live in the UK and would like to become independent but you don't know how - contact me i can give some advise.
Please - only genuine enquires as I value quality more than quantity and do not work with tons of girls at once so please do not waste each others time x So if you are interested and looking for a normal, loyal receptionist with friendly attitude and simple, clear working conditions then please contact me :)Thanks !